Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another successful day =]

This morning took a lot of focus and I really want to credit this picture-taking thing. I could have easily continued my habit of consistently refilling my bowl. But, wait? If I did that, I would have to take another picture. And, by the time I concluded that that was not something I wanted to do, I realized that having to stop and consider it ended up keeping me from it altogether. Of course, this doesn't mean I will never go back for more. It would be easy to lie about something like this, but what would be the point of that? The only person who would be cheated in that situation is myself.

Today's intake was yummy....I started out the morning with this: a bowl of fiber one cereal mixed with light fatfree mandarin orange yogurt.
After I had been tempted to refill my bowl, I opted for a glass of light grapefruit juice instead.
My mid-morning snack were these cucumbers and my afternoon snack was almonds. (after lunch, of course but I took the picture of the snacks together obviously)
Lunch was a delicious grilled cheese sandwich made with 2 pieces of american cheese and grilled the outside was grilled with a light coat of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter: Mediterranean Blend.
I am glad that I am at work after lunch. There is generally no food there so there's no going back to snack or binge =). When I got home around 5:00, I had a crystal light. Then, for dinner I had a little homemade pizza. I didn't make the crust lol but you get the idea--I added my own toppings. Those toppings were: tomato sauce, habanero hot sauce, mushrooms, a considerable amount of american cheese, tomatoes, and chicken. Very good, a considerable size, and very filling.

I don't have to feel bad about the dinner. Why? Because I ate reasonably today. At most, I will maintain. I definitely won't gain after today. After weeks of the scale going up up up it's finally, slowly going to go down. I have confidence in this. And why is that? Because when one doesn't eat 1,000 calories for breakfast ALONG with other pretty big size meals during the day, chances are that things will begin to work out for them a little more weightwise.
Okay. Good day. I'm going to finish my Cherry Diet Coke, take a shower, and relax.

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