Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally, a day of self control...and without calorie counting!

I had a bowl with 1/2 cup dry oatmeal and a light fatfree caramel flavored yogurt around 7:30 this morning. I refrigerated it overnight--it tastes so good when the oatmeal has the chance to absorb the yogurt and it's cold when you eat it!
I checked my basic websites and email and then began getting ready for work. Around 8:30, I had a peach. YUM!
I went to work and eventually had this yummy mid-morning snack...a 100 calorie pack of beef jerky. Someone gave a few packs to me--I'm not sure where all you can buy these from.

I forgot to take a picture of lunch, but I found a picture on google of what I had...a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich...my absolute favorite comfort food that's actually good for me. (trust me, there are plenty of 'comfort foods' i like that aren't good for me though lol)

I had a crystal light to hold me over until dinner and then threw some random things together on a plate basically.
Slices of swiss cheese & cheddar cheese, saltines, chicken with habanero hot sauce, and a little over a tablespoon of Maine lobster dip.
I feel good...so good that it motivates me to do well again tomorrow so I can feel good again. Gotta keep up that motivation!
Also, I have a goal of not weighing myself until the 15th. Hopefully I'll have the self control to stay off of the scale this time!


Hollie said...

Hey! So glad to hear you've been reading my site. Sometimes I start feeling I'm doing it for no reason and no one reads it at all.

If you don't mind me asking, what was your Xanga username? That will better help me in a way recongnize you.

It's great to hear you had a good day (with no calorie counting and all).

Keep in touch if you want.


Caitlin said...

yay for no calorie counting!!! you're freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

alex11 said...

heyy :)
im alexinquired on xanga!
i read your blog on a daily basis or at least when i can. you remind me of myself which is kind of scary because i know how this kind of thing can really bring a person down. i am about 122lbs (5'5) right now. but ive binged myself to way worse than this and im trying to keep tabs on a day-to-day basis. recently i told my mother what im going through but i feel that it has to be something that i should get through by myself, because afterall, i am the only one that does make the choice to put the food in my mouth, no? Oh how i dread the days where im going through the things i know are stocked at home for me to eat, and rushing to get home so that i could induldge and perhaps make myself feel better even for a bit. but this isnt the life i want to live, i am also not counting calories at the moment or trying not to..:) im trying to follow a food pyramid, but lets face it. i have a huge sugar tooth when im binging and the thought of healthy food some days sends me straight to the cookies(and everything else)!

umm i guess this is a bit personal perhaps? but what do you do when you know you have eaten just way too much(aka your stomach is about to explode and it really hurts!)? usually i put icepacks on my stomach and stay put lol.
oh and try not to think about what i just did..or waking up another day to face the consequences ugh.

if you need support, im here and i understand (key word - because nobody else understands me in the "real world")!

xoxo, alex.