Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm killing myself. (with eating)

I am having a really hard time. I really need some kind of help.

Devouring a box of Triscuits ...that's not a snack.
a bag of chocolate cookies...not a snack.
an entire package of chocolates...not a snack.

and yet...i consume them easily and quickly. more, more, more. food, food, food. then i have my normal meals for the day. every chance i get to eat, i take. if i see food that isn't mine, i wait til no one is around and sneak some. it's disgusting. i will eat pure sugar from packets if nothing else is around.

don't look at the's already done, so that would just be depressing. that's how i rationalize not facing just how much i've eaten. but it shows up..boy, does it show up.

i have gained an enormous amount of weight...nearly 30 pounds since mid-July. nearly 30 pounds in less than 4 months. (note: i was 96.5 and a bit thin but still it's a LOT of weight to gain. i'm 5'1. it shows up big time)and it's due to hardcore binging.

i don't know how to say no. i don't know the feeling of hungry. i don't know the feeling of full...only the feeling of wanting more, even when i've put so much in that i can barely move.

there is no simple solution.
i just really need help.
i don't have the money for a therapist and i don't have health insurance.
i work during the time of the one overeaters anonymous meeting around here every week.

i eat so much. there's no thinking or sense involved. no moderation involved at all.

i just want to be...normal. see food normally. not be obsessed with it and eating ALL the time.

:( i don't want to gain anymore weight but most of all...

i just want to be happy and live. but i'm setting myself up for DEATH. all this crap...sugar, fat, thousands upon thousands of calories OVER what my body needs for the day?
i've grown out of my clothes...when i'm not comfortable in my clothes, i can't concentrate on anything else. also i have been doing horribly at my job because i'm so full that i can barely move.

the sensible answer is..."stop. you know these things are bad for you. you've typed out all these awful things. just stop.'

i wish i could. i know i can but i just don't let myself. i think there are a lot of psychological reasons why i've latched back onto my old awful habit of hardcore binging.

i've got to LET GO. i have got to get FREE from this...

i feel like a failure...therefore it is what i am. is it really that simple?

Please, any words of advice, wisdom, and/or encouragement are appreciated.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Didn't get to weigh myself this morning, but I feel like I was 110-something lol. Is it possible to feel a number? Breakfast was an english muffin...half was topped off with peanut butter and the other half was topped with sugarfree orange marmalade.
I had an hour before work and was still hungry, so I decided to go ahead and have my 'mid-morning snack' soon after breakfast...a light fatfree banana cream pie yogurt (my favorite flavor) with original fiber one. hit the spot!
Lunch was a can of 40% less sodium Progresso soup. It was called "Zesty Chicken Gumbo" and it was absolutely delicious! The multigrain saltines were a perfect addition.
My afternoon snack was soooooo good. Chocolate covered pretzels that come in a pack that helps me stop at 100 calories worth? Now, that's a great thing to have on hand! It was the perfect thing to satisfy my persistent little sweet tooth (or who knows...maybe all my teeth are sweet teeth haha).
Dinner was the BEST!!!!!!!!!! it was the same as last saturday--chicken cordon bleu....ham, chicken, and swiss are such an amazing combination!! I sliced some cucumber and had a few grape tomatoes as well...little added nutritional value but at least something so I wouldn't feel so bad about skipping out on fruits and veggies today!

Today was a pretty high sodium day but probably less than last saturday when I also had soup and chicken cordon bleu. yummy intake today! gosh, i love food... :p

Friday, October 10, 2008

"Don't eat that. You'll spoil your dinner." haha

I began the day with a delicious bowl of was .5 cup dry oatmeal mixed with a sliced fresh peach, cinnamon, and 2 packets of splenda. The peach actually carmelized a bit like bananas do when you heat them and it made for an amazing & filling breakfast!

Around 9:30, I had a cup of coffee w/2 packets of splenda and a little more coffeemate than usual.
Lunch was my FAVORITE! Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are the best! The banana browned a bit in the fridge but like I care...I'm a banana addict. A banana is a banana =).
Afternoon snack=sliced swiss cheese cubes.
Around 3:30 , a fellow employee and I made a second trip into the local icecream shop while we were out on deliveries. The first time we'd gone in, she'd grabbed a few chocolate candies and I grabbed a diet coke. The second time, her friend (who works there) offered me free icecream again and I decided to just go for it. I LOVE pistachios and I decided on the pistachio nut icecream. It came in the cutest little cup and it was SO worth the calories. yum yum YUM!

THAT is the way to enjoy food...slowly, savoring it...eating something you like instead of just shoveling food in without even caring what it is as long as it's food...and most importantly, not sneaking it for some kind of warped thrill.

Because I indulged in the icecream , I'm skipping out on dinner. I was excited about the chicken cordon bleu that i was going to have but I just can't stomach it after the icecream. I might have some veggies if I get hungry but for now, that's that.

EDIT: had 4 cherry tomatoes & cut a very thin slice of sharp cheddar cheese but i don't know how to get it so that i can put the pic at this point of the entry instead of the beginning, so you'll have to try to survive without that pic haha.

I work tomorrow and then Sunday is my day off =]. My weight this morning was 111.2. Gotta finally get past that number!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

112.6. good day.

mixed original fiber one and honey cluster fiber one, banana, skim milk
coffee w/2 splenda packets & coffeemate
wrap with chicken, provolone cheese, light ranch dressing, a few squirts of hot sauce, and romaine lettuce
tall skinny caramel latte
garlic chicken alfredo pizza and a salad with light ranch

Monday, October 6, 2008

7 days of photo blogging =)

This morning's weight: 111.2 =]

Breakfast was loaded with carbs and delicious...1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup fiber one, & a light fatfree peach yogurt. I decided to finally go one whole day w/o peanut butter....peanut butter & peach? that just DOESN'T sound good anyway!
I had 2 fiber tablets and went to work. My mid-morning snack was a snack bag of radishes and a Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion. This was my first time having this drink and unless we run out of diet drinks again at home, this will probably be my last time having it. The taste was just too watered down for me. It was sufficient, though. I also had a raspberry lemonade crystal light.
Lunch was a delicious, mildly filling sandwich made with whole wheat bread, a sliced mushroom, 2 slices of deli turkey, romaine lettuce, and a thin layer of gourmet garlic cheese (this stuff is goooood!).
My afternoon snack was a Diet Coke and a snack bag of baby carrots. wooo look at me fitting in those veggies today!
I was very hungry from 3:00 to 5:30, but I had purposed to wait and not snack so that I would appreciate dinner more. Boy, was I glad I waited. It's amazing how good even a side salad can taste when you're really hungry. I actually moaned when I ate a cherry tomato. ahh how weird is that?? lol.

On a more serious note, it is so liberating to abstain from counting calories. Sure, I'll measure things every now and then (I always measure oatmeal so I don't go overboard) or even average the calories for ONE snack or ONE meal in my head but then it's forgotten. My friend's dad made dinner tonight and added noodles and meat to lasagna hamburger helper.

Can I even express to you how wonderful it was to not be sitting there wondering what all was added and how many calories were in each thing??? how nice it was to instead put a decent-sized serving into my bowl and engage in some form of conversation instead of letting my mind go into a state of paranoia about calories and sodium?? I never thought that I could eat sensibly without counting calories to stay in control OR using the fact that I'm not counting calories to go completely OUT of control.

This concludes one week of, onto the next! With each successful day, I am reminded even more that i am stronger than I let myself believe I am.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day off work...and day of cheese. =]

Breakfast was by far my favorite meal of the day. Around 7:00, I began making coffee. When it was done, I popped a multigrain english muffin in the toaster. When it was ready, I added peanut butter to the top and it immediately melted from the heat--Yum! I had never had an english muffin before, and it definitely didn't disappoint! I added two splenda packets and coffeemate to my coffee and also poured a small glass of light grapefruit juice. a very yummy breafast indeed! (lol...)
Lunch was around 11:15...I always get hungry around 11 when I eat at 7. It was a friend's leftover portabella mushroom omelet from a local restaurant. It wasn't really appealing until I heated it up and discovered that it also had a layer of swiss cheese on top. I topped it all off with habanero sauce (my favorite!) and that was lunch.
Around 1:30, I felt a little weird physically...I decided it might be good to have a small snack. Today is, I suppose, just a day for cheese. I had two slices of swiss.
Between the snack and dinner, I had 2 crystal lights and 2 fiber tablets. Dinner was random and just thrown together. It was good, though! 5 saltine crackers with pb, 5 saltines with gourmet garlic cheese, and leftover chicken from a few nights ago that I finished off.
And finally, a glass of white wine. It had been forever since I'd had wine. It's not nearly as easy for me to gulp down as, oh , say, mango rum lol. I'm not big on drinking at all but mango rum is delicious! Anyway, I took about 45 minutes to finish my wine lol. I enjoyed it, though.
The effects of yesterday's sodium weren't as bad as they could have been. This morning's weight was 113.4. I stepped on the scale after dinner just out of curiousity and it had returned to my morning weight...that's why I decided that it wouldn't hurt at all to have one glass of wine. It was a little under 5 oz.
I've enjoyed my day off of work and I accomplished most of what I needed to get done around the onto another week of work day off is Sunday, I believe. It'll all be worth it in 2 weeks when I get that big paycheck. I got my first one 2 days ago and it was alright but it was from less than a week's work because I'd just started the job.
Alright, I'll be back to update tomorrow =).