Saturday, October 11, 2008


Didn't get to weigh myself this morning, but I feel like I was 110-something lol. Is it possible to feel a number? Breakfast was an english muffin...half was topped off with peanut butter and the other half was topped with sugarfree orange marmalade.
I had an hour before work and was still hungry, so I decided to go ahead and have my 'mid-morning snack' soon after breakfast...a light fatfree banana cream pie yogurt (my favorite flavor) with original fiber one. hit the spot!
Lunch was a can of 40% less sodium Progresso soup. It was called "Zesty Chicken Gumbo" and it was absolutely delicious! The multigrain saltines were a perfect addition.
My afternoon snack was soooooo good. Chocolate covered pretzels that come in a pack that helps me stop at 100 calories worth? Now, that's a great thing to have on hand! It was the perfect thing to satisfy my persistent little sweet tooth (or who knows...maybe all my teeth are sweet teeth haha).
Dinner was the BEST!!!!!!!!!! it was the same as last saturday--chicken cordon bleu....ham, chicken, and swiss are such an amazing combination!! I sliced some cucumber and had a few grape tomatoes as well...little added nutritional value but at least something so I wouldn't feel so bad about skipping out on fruits and veggies today!

Today was a pretty high sodium day but probably less than last saturday when I also had soup and chicken cordon bleu. yummy intake today! gosh, i love food... :p

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