Friday, October 10, 2008

"Don't eat that. You'll spoil your dinner." haha

I began the day with a delicious bowl of was .5 cup dry oatmeal mixed with a sliced fresh peach, cinnamon, and 2 packets of splenda. The peach actually carmelized a bit like bananas do when you heat them and it made for an amazing & filling breakfast!

Around 9:30, I had a cup of coffee w/2 packets of splenda and a little more coffeemate than usual.
Lunch was my FAVORITE! Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are the best! The banana browned a bit in the fridge but like I care...I'm a banana addict. A banana is a banana =).
Afternoon snack=sliced swiss cheese cubes.
Around 3:30 , a fellow employee and I made a second trip into the local icecream shop while we were out on deliveries. The first time we'd gone in, she'd grabbed a few chocolate candies and I grabbed a diet coke. The second time, her friend (who works there) offered me free icecream again and I decided to just go for it. I LOVE pistachios and I decided on the pistachio nut icecream. It came in the cutest little cup and it was SO worth the calories. yum yum YUM!

THAT is the way to enjoy food...slowly, savoring it...eating something you like instead of just shoveling food in without even caring what it is as long as it's food...and most importantly, not sneaking it for some kind of warped thrill.

Because I indulged in the icecream , I'm skipping out on dinner. I was excited about the chicken cordon bleu that i was going to have but I just can't stomach it after the icecream. I might have some veggies if I get hungry but for now, that's that.

EDIT: had 4 cherry tomatoes & cut a very thin slice of sharp cheddar cheese but i don't know how to get it so that i can put the pic at this point of the entry instead of the beginning, so you'll have to try to survive without that pic haha.

I work tomorrow and then Sunday is my day off =]. My weight this morning was 111.2. Gotta finally get past that number!

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