Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day off work...and day of cheese. =]

Breakfast was by far my favorite meal of the day. Around 7:00, I began making coffee. When it was done, I popped a multigrain english muffin in the toaster. When it was ready, I added peanut butter to the top and it immediately melted from the heat--Yum! I had never had an english muffin before, and it definitely didn't disappoint! I added two splenda packets and coffeemate to my coffee and also poured a small glass of light grapefruit juice. a very yummy breafast indeed! (lol...)
Lunch was around 11:15...I always get hungry around 11 when I eat at 7. It was a friend's leftover portabella mushroom omelet from a local restaurant. It wasn't really appealing until I heated it up and discovered that it also had a layer of swiss cheese on top. I topped it all off with habanero sauce (my favorite!) and that was lunch.
Around 1:30, I felt a little weird physically...I decided it might be good to have a small snack. Today is, I suppose, just a day for cheese. I had two slices of swiss.
Between the snack and dinner, I had 2 crystal lights and 2 fiber tablets. Dinner was random and just thrown together. It was good, though! 5 saltine crackers with pb, 5 saltines with gourmet garlic cheese, and leftover chicken from a few nights ago that I finished off.
And finally, a glass of white wine. It had been forever since I'd had wine. It's not nearly as easy for me to gulp down as, oh , say, mango rum lol. I'm not big on drinking at all but mango rum is delicious! Anyway, I took about 45 minutes to finish my wine lol. I enjoyed it, though.
The effects of yesterday's sodium weren't as bad as they could have been. This morning's weight was 113.4. I stepped on the scale after dinner just out of curiousity and it had returned to my morning weight...that's why I decided that it wouldn't hurt at all to have one glass of wine. It was a little under 5 oz.
I've enjoyed my day off of work and I accomplished most of what I needed to get done around the onto another week of work day off is Sunday, I believe. It'll all be worth it in 2 weeks when I get that big paycheck. I got my first one 2 days ago and it was alright but it was from less than a week's work because I'd just started the job.
Alright, I'll be back to update tomorrow =).

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