Saturday, October 4, 2008

lots of sodium but overall a great day!

Breakfast was around 7:00 this morning and I followed my usual routine of adding yogurt to something or other. Tomorrow at least I plan to have something a little different =]. Today though, I had original fiber one cereal with peanut butter and peach mango passion yogurt. I have to say that the peach mango passion flavor is quite odd combined with the peanut butter flavor...but not odd enough for me to refuse eating it lol. We're running low on yogurt so I have to settle with the flavors I don't like so much. Cry me a river lol.
Later I must admit that I weighed myself. After breakfast, I was 112.6! What an improvement! I really lose weight at a decent rate when I eat well. After weighing myself I had a peach while getting ready for work.
Mid-morning at work, I had a crystal light. From 10-10:30 I snacked on my saltines instead of saving them for my soup. It was better than attacking the teeny bit of nutella that is the only food left out at my job.

I think this beef & veggie soup probably got heated for a total of 10 minutes! every time it was ready, a customer walked in or the phone rang so I had to keep reheating it. Finally though, I had my lunch (on and off) from 12:00-12:30. It was delicious but I need to buy low sodium soup! Why? The whole can of soup was only 200 calories, yes, but over 1,600 mg of sodium!! yikes! It was satisfying though and I really have no complaints. I'm too busy focusing on getting eating back on track to focus on sodium right now. From the hours of 1:00 to 5:00, all I consumed were 2 fiber tablets, a cherry coke zero, and water. You can bet I was hungry by dinnertime!

I had never heard of chicken cordon bleu before and that's what I had. It was breaded, but I didn't care. It had over 900 mg of sodium but I still didn't care. It was DELICIOUS and very filling. I had never heard of adding swiss and ham to chicken but the serving was only 290 calories. As you can also see, I had a pretty little side salad as well with light ranch dressing.

In order to combat the loads of sodium I had today, I'm trying to drink lots of water. I'm bloated but I could care less right now. I had yet another good day with food...yet another day of eating sensibly! In my mind, this was a sodium-filled yet victorious day! =]

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