Friday, October 3, 2008

Keep moving.

I started out at 7:15 with a bowl of Fiber One original mixed with Fiber One honey clusters and skim milk.
I still have a bad habit of eating too early but I opted for snacks this time instead of having my lunch early. The first snack was a light fatfree blueberry pomegranate yogurt.
Later I had a 100 calorie pack of beef jerky.
When I did have lunch, I had a good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I don't usually like jelly but this kind is great. It's Orange Marmalade made with Splenda and is only 10 calories a serving. I decided to give one slice of the bread a good coat of peanut butter but didn't overdo it like I've been doing for the past 2 months. It was delicious. Peanut butter is the one thing I never ever get sick of.
Around 5:30, my stomach was growling and the crystal light I had obviously wasn't going to make it shut up. I knew I wasn't going to eat dinner for a little while still, so I had a snack. It was a little bigger than it needed to be because I added dry oatmeal to it. I did this not because I needed the oatmeal but just because (as you've probably learned by now), I like the combination.
Because I had the extra snack, I skipped out on the sweet potato that was planned as a side to dinner. Instead, I sliced raw mushrooms and had 2 slices from a Hormel meatloaf. After the picture was taken, I added habanero sauce to the mushrooms and also a few drops to the meatloaf. I love everything spicy!

The meatloaf was delicious. I could have eaten more (I always can) but the point is, that I'm trying to learn moderation (see title of website lol). I sat there for a moment staring out the window and thinking. I shared what was going on with my friend and they said that perhaps I am so used to making myself have that full feeling. It's true. This is going to take focus, hard work, and CONSISTENCY.
I may not be working out right now (because I'm working every day and I just don't have the time at the moment) but at least I'm bettering my eating. This is far better than eating. A plus? I don't constantly feel full, bloated, and pissy at the world as a result of my binging. I have a positive attitude towards what I can do. There are going to be times of temptation, but I'll just keep right on going. Sometimes I will give in. Sometimes giving in will be okay. What matters is that I just keep getting up and moving on towards something better.
"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, keep moving". -Martin Luther King Jr.

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